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Stay home, Stay Safe, Solidify Family Ties
13 April, 2020

In the light of COVID-19 pandemic, different measures to reduce its spread have been put in place by competent authorities. One of these is the “stay home order” that is being widely applied. This directive poses a lot of challenges for those who might not even have permanent abodes or for those who used the home as a place to congregate only in the evenings. This may also create an uncomfortable situation for some people, especially African men who usually don’t participate in domestic chores. The ensuing boredom might lead to increased domestic violence, unwanted pregnancies, and alcoholism, amongst others. The presence of all members of the family at home all day creates a different social dynamic in the household that would need to be properly managed

The SDGC/A encourages key sectoral ministries (ministries in charge of social affairs) and other pertinent stakeholders to take actions, such as through FM Radio and Television, to ensure harmonious family habitation. These may include:

  1. strengthening family bonds by identifying activities that can be done by the entire family such as listening and watching news, exercising, resting, and playing games -. in a family with enough yard or space, physical exercise would be possible;
  2. encouraging men to take advantage to learn to do a few things in the house, and not to leave all the domestic work to the woman;
  3. using the school closure as an opportunity to forge better relationships with the children and teenagers - the one-on-one time may make children feel loved and secure and show them that they are important;
  4. trying out new things like painting and learning a new language, for instance, that would be more entertaining; and
  5. maintaining interfamily relations and ties as physical distancing by all means is not social distancing.


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