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Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

In September 2015 the United Nations made history - 193 member states unanimously adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): seventeen goals that the world aspires to achieve by 2030.

These goals aim to economically develop the world in a way that eliminates poverty, respects planetary boundaries and leaves no one behind. The international community agreed that every country is responsible for achieving these goals, and that all members of society - governments, business, and civil society - need to participate.

The SDGs are in direct alignment with the African Union’s Agenda 2063, the continent’s long-term transformational blueprint for the pan-African region. Agenda 2063 calls for all segments of African society to work together to build a prosperous and united Africa. The SDGs complement the first 15 years of the agenda, and strengthen it by being grounded in globally agreed upon values.

The SDGC/A aims to develop new tools to achieve the visions of the UN’s SDGs and the African Union’s (AU) Agenda 2063. Innovations in long-term planning, financing and data collection, as well as technical solutions in education, healthcare, energy systems and more are needed.

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What are the #GlobalGoals? The full list is here.



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