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Raising COVID-19 awareness along the food supply chain
21 July, 2020

Food supply chain actors are essential to food security in Africa where the majority of the population depend on food supply chains for survival. Food supply actors, especially the farmers, make up a big population that is widely spread in areas where it would create great challenges to contain the spread and threat of the COVID-19. However, they have limited access to information and awareness of COVID-19, yet incorrect health information is circulating at a rapid rate. Lack of awareness of COVID-19 along the food supply chains can increase the exposure and spread of the pandemic and has the potential to severely disrupt agriculture production and divert efforts to the treatment of those infected. Even as some economies begin to reopen, it is imperative that food supply chain actors-tailored information is continually generated, combining COVID-19 preventive measures with promotion of food production, marketing, transportation and processing aspects during and post-COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, SDGC/A recommends the following actions:

  1. disseminate timely and accurate information to food supply chain actors about relevant government measures and other COVID-19 preventive measures such as physical distancing and hygiene, use of masks and sanitary products- using digital tools and technologies such as short message service (SMS), interactive voice response (IVR), radio and TVs, drones, e-extension platforms and social media;
  2. develop communication products (e.g. posters, banners, t-shirts, radio) in local languages on COVID-19 symptoms and prevention and distribute them to all actors along the supply chain using existing networks of local extension workers, community radio stations, producers’ groups and other networks to ensure widespread information and advice related to coronavirus;
  3. conduct sensitization training with food supply chain actors on best practices to mitigate the risk of infection to ensure continued agriculture production; and
  4. Strengthen collaboration with local organizations, community groups and other actors so that they can play a crucial role in maintaining supply lines, providing assistance and disseminating messages that contain the spread of COVID-19.


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