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Showcasing of the monitoring and reporting system (MRS) in Zambia

April, 2021

The SDGC/A has developed a real time Monitoring and Reporting System (MRS) which is a dedicated monitoring and reporting system for SDGs and Agenda 2063. It is built on the robust DHIS2 platform which is a generic tool, with an open metadata model and flexible user interface that allows the user to define the contents of a specific information system without the need for programming. The Center aims to roll out this to African nations in its efforts to support National statistical agencies (NSAs) expand data collection sources and report timely, as agreed upon during the “SDGs Three Years Journey” Conference held in Kigali in June 2019. The Center expects the Monitoring and Reporting systems to contribute in achieving at least 80% of the data reported by NSAs by 2023.
This National Monitoring and Reporting System which will be hosted by African Countries, aimed at supporting African governments in their endeavor to achieve the SDGS and Agenda 2063 through:

  1. Strengthening, centralizing and/or upgrading existing national data collection and reporting systems.
  2. Supporting the development of a national data collection and reporting system in countries where they do currently exist.
  3. Ensuring the availability of reliable, timely and comparable development data and, with respect to a production target, aiming for at least 80% of SDG indicators to be produced at national level.


The SDGC/A, in collaboration with the Ministry of National Development Planning of Zambia organized a showcasing of the monitoring and reporting system (MRS) developed by the SDGC/, on 8th April 2021, in Lusaka, Zambia. Approximately 40 participants from the Government Institutions of Zambia attended the half-day event. The participants gained a better understanding of the MRS features, in addition, provided feedback to The SDGC/A on how this tool can best be leveraged towards implementation of SDGs across the Continent.



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