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11 August, 2022

Our Influence on Antarctic Ecosystems

Sea ice around Antarctica has decreased significantly in the past few decades. In 2022 we reached the lowest level of sea ice in over 40 years, at almost 30% less than the average level over the past 10 years
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17 June, 2022

Climate change

Antarctica is the coldest continent on Earth – the average temperature is 17°C colder than the Arctic, and the lowest temperature recorded was -89°C. However, the highest temperature in March was recorded
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19 May, 2022

Be the solution to ocean pollution

Africa is not immune from plastic waste pollution. Plastic bags and other plastic wastes pollute the water bodies (lakes, rivers, and streams) of most towns and big cities. The coastlines are increasingly becoming the dumping sites of plastic waste. In some cases, the sources of
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6 April, 2022 / News

SADC Development Finance Resource Centre

The SADC Development Finance Resource Centre (DFRC) is an institutional hub of the SADC Development Finance Institutions (DFI) Network
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7 March, 2022 / News

Knowledge Creation and Youth Empowerment in Africa

This generation and our children will pay the most unexpected costs for climate change. We must create a strong group of youth and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle climate
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28 February, 2022 / News

Bridging the Gap

Many people view the risks of climate change – and therefore the benefits of reducing them – as uncertain and geographically distant, occurring mainly in the future
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16 February, 2022 / News

2041: Encouraging Young Ambassadors for Climate Change

The year 2022 marks only 19 years to go until the Antarctic Treaty – which demands the international protection of the continent from further human impact and prevents the exploitation of its resources
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7 February, 2022 / News

Climate Change – The Past, Present and Future

Climate change and global warming have become broad, abstract and threatening ideas since they were first mentioned in the early 19th century, and it is often useful to return to the basics in order
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7 February, 2022 / News

The Importance of Antarctica

Global warming and the rise in sea levels has a particularly noticeable effect on coastal areas and small islands, where it increases the likelihood of floods and storm surges and threatens the stability of coastal communities. Africa is already enduring more than the average global sea-level rise of 3mm-4mm per year
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APRM Baseline study
1 October, 2021 / News


The Africa Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) has an expanded dual mandate of monitoring and evaluating AU Agenda 2063 and SDGs 2030. Particular focus is on SDG 16 - effective, strong, and efficient institutions and peaceful societies which encounters aspirations three and four of Agenda 2063
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