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The Sustainable Development Goals Center Conference: Expediting The Implementation Of Africa’s 2030 Agenda

Radisson Blu Hotel and Convention Centre
27 January 2017
Kigali, Rwanda


The Sustainable Development Goals Center for Africa (SDGC/A) held the first ever conference Expediting the Implementation of Africa’s 2030 Agenda that concluded in Kigali, Rwanda on 27 January anchored the unprecedented move of Africa to chart its own path on global issues, through establishing its own capacity towards accelerating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda across Africa.


“We’re at a unique time in history where Africa is starting to be recognized as a real force after a period of impressive growth and accomplishments, congratulations to our visionary leaders. This African collaboration was exactly the reason for opening the SDGC/A as one of the homegrown solutions for Africa. If we are to meet the SDGs, we need to share stories about what works and what doesn’t, develop creative ways to finance projects that will aid in development, and combine our knowledge in order to multiply it. We have so much on this continent, and if we’re able to properly harness it I have no doubts that we will achieve our goals.” – The SDGC/A Director General, Dr. Belay Begashaw said during the opening plenary session of the conference.


The SDGC/A Conference is the first major conference for the Center this year with over 200 government officials, businesses, civil society, academia and experts both international and from all over Africa to the official launch of the SDGC/A; the presentation of the Africa Report 2030 - serving as a blueprint for how Africa can achieve the SDGs by 2030 - and discussing the major themes relevant to SDG implementation in Africa. In addition, the conference included thematic group sessions of the SDGC/A’s current initiatives, building monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems for monitoring the progress of African countries towards the SDGs, development financing for SDGs platforms, a cooperative agreement with the Indian government for the development of an IT supported Unique Identification System that could enhance African integration efforts.




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