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The conference aims to virtually gather leaders from across the globe in 2021 to present a candid perspective on the SDG progress across the African continent; lessons learnt, challenges, and opportunities over the medium term.

This conference will bring together all stakeholders -- leaders from governments across Africa, the United Nations Agencies, bilateral institutions, international and other non-governmental organizations, universities and research institutions, civil society and the private sector -- to critically reflect and discuss the relevant policy recommendations and interventions in improving their commitment to deliver on the respective SDG targets with focus on social inclusion.

Owing to COVID-19, Africa endured negative economic growth in 2020 of magnitude not witnessed in over three decades. Consequently, social inclusion is expected to degenerate more; and Africa remains the world’s poorest region and the second most unequal society with 70% of the most unequal countries in the World. COVID-19 has wiped away recent progress on poverty eradication, with more people living in extreme poverty in 2020 than was at adoption of SDGs in September 2015. Social protection remains substantially limited and yet economic options are scarcer than usual.

Relatedly, The SDGC/A undertook a study and will launch the “Africa 2030: SDGs within Social Boundaries - Leave No One Behind Outlook” report. This report is the first of its kind providing an outlook of where we are regarding on social inclusion related to the SDGs while also providing both qualitative and quantitative analysis of progress and constraints. It will document best practices of social inclusion while mapping out the trigger factors of efficiency, relevancy, and efficacy of the implementation efforts, consequently setting appropriate pragmatic recommendations for African countries to leverage social inclusion.

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This conference is supported by KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency),
the development agency of the Korean government.

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