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Conference on “SDGs Implementation in Africa – Reflection on a Three-Year Journey”

12th – 14th June 2019

   Kigali Convention Centre, Kigali - Rwanda



From 12-14 June 2019, African leaders, policy makers, representatives of the UN system, civil society, the private sector, bilateral institutions, researchers and academics, innovators and experts will come together in Kigali, Rwanda, to debate the progress made towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa. The conference will see the launch of both the Africa 2030: Sustainable Development Goals Three-Year Reality Check report and the 2019 Africa Index and Dashboard report.

The SDGs, which were adopted by the 193 countries in the United Nations in 2015, are a global guiding agenda for sustainable development to be achieved by 2030. At their adoption, Africa’s starting point was lower than that of all other regions and emerging evidence over the last three years of tracking SDGs implementation indicates that complex challenges still prevail for the continent.

The pace of development progress in Africa over recent years is assessed as insufficient for the attainment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Accelerating SDGs implementation, successful matching of development goals to finance, the role of different stakeholders, leadership, participation and ownership of the agenda by governments and the need for strong monitoring and evaluation mechanism are some of the challenges addressed during the conference. Achieving the SDGs and accelerating their implementations needs universal participation and collective action. Add your voice to the debate on SDGs Implementation in Africa by using this social media kit.

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The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the SDGs included therein is “an Agenda of the people, by the people and for the people”. The messages, challenges and opportunities set within it are too important to be contained in the conference – we all have a critical role to play in speaking up for achieving the SDGs and taking action for their implementation.

Use this toolkit to raise awareness for the SDGs, voice your support for Agenda 2030 and share your thoughts on implementation, challenges, opportunities and innovative actions. Have a look at these resources to see how you can engage:

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Join the discussion on Africa 2030: Sustainable Development Goals Three-Year Reality Check report

The SDGC/A’s Africa 2030: Three Year Reality Check report will be launched dring the main conference. Through the holistic approach taken in this report it reveals wide ranging findings on SDGs implementation across Africa.

The analysis encompasses the progress towards the SDGs between 2016-2018, simulation and forecasting for a select number of SDGs using trend data, critical review of the performance challenges in achieving the SDGs, mapping and performance of the governance framework for SDGs, review of progress towards Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) for financing development, as adopted in July 2015, documentation of the data gaps and a review of unfinished business.

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  • PDF download available on June 14th 2019

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Coming Soon: @SDGCAfrica #Africa2030 Three Year Reality Check report on #SDGs implementation across the continent. With only 40% of SDGs indicators matched with reliable Data significant challenges remain. Read about this and other findings on June 14th.  #AfricaSDGsRealityCheck

#African countries will likely only meet the 2030 targets for 3 of the #SDGs, and progress is uneven across the region. Find out where the starkest challenges remain and what impedes SDGs attainment. #Africa2030 #AfricaSDGsRealityCheck #SDGs3YearJourney

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