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Collaboration agreement signed between Absa bank and SDG Center for Africa 

April 2021

The overarching objectives of the partnership is to enhance SDGs financing in Zambia and in the African continent by developing and implementing innovative sources of sustainable finance mechanisms. The partnership between Absa Bank and The SDGCA will facilitate a long-term collaboration between the two institutions based on their similar and complementary interest and capacities, and reflect their willingness to work together on key matters related to designing and implementation of innovative and sustainable sources of financing that contributes to achievement of the SDGs.

More specifically, the relationship between the Absa Bank and The SDGCA will strengthen the development, adaptation and delivery of the best practices, knowledge, technologies and policies to diversity innovative financing mechanisms (SDGs Bonds, Social Bonds, Green Bonds, and remittances) that contribute to diversity sustainable sources of SDGs financing in Zambia and in the African continent.

The parties also will work together to facilitate more awareness about innovative sources of financing (more specifically on Green Bonds) and creating strong collaboration among relevant government agencies and ministries, regulators, private sector, development finance institutions and development actors that support the successful implementation of the objectives of the collaboration.

Agreement signed between Access to Finance Rwanda (AFR) and SDG Center for Africa

The collaboration  reflect  both parties willingness to work together on key matters related to promoting financial inclusion and financial sector development, which is vital to the achievement of Rwanda’s National Strategy for Transformation (NST1), Vision 2050 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is a formal agreement of mutual commitment and partnership between the two institutions towards strengthening financial inclusion and financial sector development in Rwanda. This new partnership will strengthen the development, adaptation, and delivery of the best practices, strategies and policies to contribute to the acceleration of financial inclusion and inclusive economic growth, which is a critical enabler for the attainment of the SDGs in Rwanda. In this regard, the collaboration between AFR and SDGC/A is a timely one that will contribute a lot in moving towards full and equal access to formal financial services for all in Rwanda.


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