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Be the solution to ocean pollution
May 2022

Africa is not immune from plastic waste pollution. Plastic bags and other plastic wastes pollute the water bodies (lakes, rivers, and streams) of most towns and big cities. The coastlines are increasingly becoming the dumping sites of plastic waste. In some cases, the sources of waste are external, transported from the global north and dumped in the seawater of some African countries.


2041: Encouraging Young Ambassadors for Climate Change
February 2022

The year 2022 marks only 19 years to go until the Antarctic Treaty – which demands the international protection of the continent from further human impact and prevents the exploitation of its resources – expires. Antarctica belongs to no country and currently makes up 90% of earth ice and roughly 70% of our freshwater.


Climate Change – The Past, Present and Future
February 2022

Climate change and global warming have become broad, abstract and threatening ideas since they were first mentioned in the early 19th century, and it is often useful to return to the basics in order to fully realise and comprehend climate change, its effects, and what we can do about it. We understand climate change as the long-term variation and change of temperature and usual weather patterns in a particular location, or on Earth as a whole.


The Importance of Antarctica
January 2022

Run by no government, an international agreement known as the Antarctic Treaty System has been the cornerstone of governance of Antarctica for the past few decades, strengthening environmental protections, fostering scientific research, promoting international cooperation, and suspending non-militarization and territorial claims. Established in 1959, its guardians are the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Parties (ATCPs)


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